Bend It Like Beckham Cultural Conflict Essay

What you want and what your parents will accept is a common dissension in most families these yearss. In the film ‘Bend it like Beckham’ they showed the struggle between Jess between and her parents. The struggle was how they feel and what they want for her. how Jess sees the state of affairs and how it is resolved. Throughout the film Jess is invariably pulled in different waies for what she wants and what her parents and civilization expect from the Indian miss Jess.

Jess’s dreams are more of import to her so her civilization. They are more of import to her because they are who she is as a individual. Jess does non desire to be the traditional Indian miss her parents want her to be. Jess wants more from her life so the daily life of the traditional Indian miss. Jess decides that alternatively of following the traditional way of the Indian girl life manner she goes away on a limb and decides to play association football. Despite what her parents want from their small miss. she wants to be free and trail her dreams. Jess’s passion for association football trumped her feelings for her civilization that she was willing to flex all the regulations to make what she loved to make. and that was to play association football.

Her parents are her major ruin. Jess’s father worried about Jess playing association football in fright that she will acquire ache merely like he did when he wanted to play cricket. Her male parent was treated otherwise because of the manner he looked. In the film her male parent talked about how they made merriment of the towel he wore on his caput and was non allowed to play on any of the squads. Her male parent is afraid that she will be disappointed and stop up merely like he did. Jess’s female parent seems to be caught up manner more so her male parent in this association football state of affairs. Her female parent does non hold with Jess playing association football at all. Jess’s mother thinks that she should be passing all her clip cookery and seeking to be a traditional Indian miss. For illustration when her female parent negotiations about running about outside playing association football with a clump of cats with her legs demoing she says “you bring shame to our household! ” Jess’s female parent says this because it is against their cultural beliefs.

The struggle is present due to many grounds. Jess loves to play association football. but besides respects and loves her household and civilization. She is drawn to make up one’s mind to maintain her association football life hidden from her household. She does non desire to maintain it a secret because everyone believes she is astonishing at association football. but she does non desire to let down her parents. Jess tries so difficult to run into her female parent and father’s outlooks to avoid letdown. The fact of the affair is that Jess loves association football and is non willing to give it up merely for some cockamamie tradition.

This narrative shows us that if you are ever seeking to delight your parents you are traveling to non be happy were you are in life. It is ever of import to follow your dreams. When different civilizations come together it can be hard to unite them both without losing original cultural values. Bend it like Beckham shows it is possible to integrate the values of another civilization into Jess’s life style while still keeping her cultural individuality. It besides shows that regardless of what civilization a individual is. there are ever challenges that you must get the better of in order to be who you want to be.

The Issues of Culture and Gender in Bend It Like Beckham Essay

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The Issues of Culture and Gender in Bend It Like Beckham

Culture and gender are the two main issues of ‘Bend it like Beckham’. In this film gender is put across by using sex and religion, but it is much more complex than that. Race, sex, religion and beliefs should not stop you getting a job; or achieving what you want in life. In ‘Bend it like Beckham’ all Jess wants to play football, however because of her religious and cultural beliefs her mom says this is not possible. In this essay I will be discussing the different cultures and genders issues in ‘Bend it like Beckham’.

Throughout the film Indian beliefs are portrayed by Jess and her family, this is showed by Jesses parents always…show more content…

The first time Jules’s mother meets Jess she is surprised that she plays football with her religion. Plus she is surprised that her name is Jess in till she finds out her real name is Jesminder.

Gender is an issue in ‘Bend it like Beckham’ it is shown in mainly ways. Firstly when Jess is playing football in the park and Jules says she is good and she should play for her football team. After this the boys she was playing football with say to Jess and Jules will you take your shirts off at the end of the game. Another gender issue is when her mom finds out jess has been playing football behind her back. Then her mother says an Indian girl should not be playing football, they should be cooking. Finally her dad does not want her play not just because of her religion. He does not want her play because when he first moved from India to England he was the best at a sport, but because of he was Indian he was not allowed to play and he doesn’t want her to get caught. In one part of the play Jess gets red carded for fighting on the pitch. She did this because another girl made her a racist remark at Jess and called her a ‘paki’. She said to Jules this really hurt her. This shows gender and cultures issues because she is being abused about her Asian backgrounds, which she wants to defend.


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